Body Temperature Conversion Problem

Body Temperature Conversion Problem

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This worked example problem demonstrates how to convert Fahrenheit measurements to the Celsius and Kelvin temperature scales.


Express normal body temperature, 98.6°F, in °C and K.


The Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion equation may be expressed in this form:
F° = = 1.8(°C) + 32
Enter 98,6 for the F°
98.6 = 1.8(°C) + 32
1.8(°C) = 98.6 - 32
1.8(°C) = 66.6
°C = 66.6/1.8
°C = 37.0
To solve for Kelvin:
K = °C +273
K = 37.0 + 273
K = 310


98.6 °F is equal to 37.0°C and 310 K


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