7 Creative School Inventions for Kids

7 Creative School Inventions for Kids

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We are proud to present a showcase for kid inventions from children K-6 chosen from the Kid's Forum at Blue Print Earth. We hope you enjoy the ideas expressed here and join us in supporting the next generation of inventors.

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This invention will suck up oil caused by oil spills and oil tankers and pump it into a pipe going to an oil refinery. This device can be placed under ships and rigs so that when the oil spills, someone can press a button and the device goes shooting in the direction of the oil, sucks it up and carries it to the pipe. These pipes are located in the Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. The device can carry a lot of oil at 500 km per hour, so it reaches the pipe fast. This invention will help save species from dying out by the oil not reaching them and keeps the ocean clean. Cost is $750 for PIPE. For each ocean $2,500

Young inventors - Overseas Children's School

Contact teacher: Arnav Manchanda

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The Safety Fingerprint Gun

This gun will help prevent criminal acts and careless mistakes. When you buy the gun, you must fill out an identification card and register your fingerprints. This information is stored in the gun's memory chip. To operate the gun, you must place your thumb over a scanner on the handle of the gun before you can shoot it. If someone else tries to operate the gun and the fingerprints don't match, it will lock and not shoot.

Created by young inventors Mike Snead, Tara Lynch, Kati Merrick, Jami Ralph, Rhonda McDowell, Patti Ann Betts, Jenna Tingle, Traci Peters, April Higgins, John Cahall

Laurel Middle School - Contact teacher: Regina Royer

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Ocean City

Our invention is a city on stilts that is located on the ocean. The city will be a few miles off shore. This invention will solve the problem of deforestation and overpopulation because it creates more space without harming the environment. The city will be accessible from the mainland by ferry, helicopters, underwater tunnels and bridges.

The city will be constructed on a large platform supported by cement pilings. Apartments, condominiums and townhouses will be built on the foundation. For electricity, heating panels on top of the buildings will provide solar power. We are selling both houses and blueprint plans. Blueprint plans for the construction of the pilings, ​foundations and dwellings will be available for $150.

Created by young inventors Matt Whaley, Brooks Massey, Adam Ralph, David Lafazia, Maya Constantine, Ashley Hudson, Eva Fowler, Heather O'Neal, Courtney Hughes, Beth Sandy

Laurel Middle School - Contact teacher: Regina Royer

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The Tree Planting Machine

Our invention helps solve the problem of deforestation. Our machine plants bigger, better trees with ease! This machine attaches to a tree stump remover and can be used after you cut down a tree. So when whole forests are deforested, this machine can be used to automatically replant trees for the future.

The machine comes preprogrammed to create a variety of trees through genetic engineering. By choosing the proper options indicated by buttons on the machine, you could create your own tree that will be stronger, live longer and grow to be wider in diameter to produce more wood or be resistant to pests. Inside the machine are chemicals and seeds that are altered to your specifications at the time of planting. The machine will come in various sizes for commercial and personal uses. Instructions and seeds are included. Additional seeds and chemicals also sold separately. Buy our home version today for only $350!

Created by young inventors Robbie Macklin, Krystal Elliott, Maggie O'Neal, Kelly Dukes, David Fooks, Sara Phillips, Carol Weber, Patrick Pugh, Casey Christophel

Laurel Middle School - Contact teacher: Regina Royer

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This is a rocket that will be launched into space and stay there. When people on Earth signal that the Earth's plants are dying and the pollution is too high, the rocket will fire an safe beam at the Earth. This will get rid of the pollution so the plants can grow back.

When it is launched into space, it is powered by normal rocket-fuel. When it reaches space, it just orbits the Earth. It can stay up for a few centuries. It is made out of the space-shuttle type metal. The beam it fires is a gas that's kind of like an air-freshener but a lot more than one bottle! This air-freshener is not harmful. The rocket has its own air-freshener producer inside it. It works overtime and costs only $2,500 (look at the benefits)

Young inventors - Overseas Children's School

Contact teacher: Arnav Manchanda

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The Peace Chip

The peace chip is a device that when implanted in a person's body through surgery makes the person hate war and fighting and like peace. This has no side effects and can be very useful for criminals and bad people. The chip is placed in the leg. Cost is $5 for a Chip + $250 for the surgery, which adds up to a total of $255.

More inventions coming out.

Young inventors - Overseas Children's School

Contact teacher: Arnav Manchanda

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Universal Recycling Machine

The machine is fully automatic and run by a powerful computer. We guarantee top quality.

This machine can recycle all kinds of waste. It runs on solar power and can also use the garbage as energy. If you have toxic waste, we have developed a recycling robot to do the recycling work. You just put your garbage into the machine and push the ON-button and the computer checks out what kind of garbage you just put in. Then out comes the recycled material: paper, chemical compounds and different metals.

We offer a 24-hour free e-mail service for our customers and Roger is the leader of our service team.

Prize: $999.99 for the MACHINE & $499.99 for the ROBOT

The first 100 buyers will get the Robot for only $99.99, so place your order TODAY!!!

Young inventors - Eydehavn School

Contact teacher: Tor Arne Richvoldsen