A Collection of Articles About Julius Caesar

A Collection of Articles About Julius Caesar

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Julius Caesar has the distinction of being one of the most important people in world history, and the series of articles that follow reveal why. They show how the fabric of the Roman republic was growing weak (and had been since the Gracchi). Then Caesar started annexing Europe, caused a civil war, and incited his own assassination (by men lacking Caesar's brains or a backup plan). Caesar broke the tenuous thread, creating a power vacuum that was filled by the first of the emperors of soon-to-be world superpower Rome.

The Life of Caesar (July 12/13, 100 B.C. - March 15, 44 B.C.)

CC Flickr User euthman. Julius Caesar

To say that Julius Caesar led an extraordinary life would be an understatement. By the time he was about 40, Caesar had not only been widowed and divorced but also served as governor (propraetor) of Further Spain. He'd been captured by pirates and hailed as a commander by adoring troops. To boot, he served as consul and was elected pontifex maximus, a lifelong honor usually reserved for the end of a man's career.

Accomplishments of Julius Caesar

Silver denarius bearing the head of Julius Caesar as Pontifex Maximus, struck 44-45 B.C. G. Ferrero, The Women of the Caesars, New York, 1911. Courtesy of Wikimedia.

Julius Caesar was a great military leader and ruler. He pulled together two rivals, Crassus and Pompey, to form the first triumvirate. He fixed the badly out-of-sync Roman calendar, conquered the Gauls and was the first Roman to invade Britain. And that's not all.

Caesar also made the deeds of the Roman Senate public, began a civil war, and wrote about it and the Gallic wars in a lucid, pleasing Latin.

Turning Points for Julius Caesar

Denarius issued by Julius Caesar. CC Flickr User portableantiquitie s' photostream

Julius Caesar will always be known by his accomplishments in life and his memorable assassination on the ides of March. Caesar's life was full of drama and adventure. At the end of his life, by which time he had taken charge of Rome, there was one last earth-shattering event, the assassination. His death trends on social media networks, such as Twitter, even today. This article about the key events in his life reveal why he's still relevant so long after his death.

People in the Life of Julius Caesar

Cleopatra Picture.

As the Roman emperor, Caesar had contact with all of the major players in the republic. This includes his uncle Marius, the dictator Sulla, Cicero, Catiline, Clodius, Pompey, and Crassus. And, of course, his legendary relationship with Cleopatra has been written about for ages. Just for fun, read books that deal with the May-December affair between Cleopatra and Julius Caesar.

Julius Caesar Biography

Always I am Caesar. Price Grabber

Julius Caesar has been the subject of controversy since before he was assassinated. An aristocrat, he appealed to the masses and threatened the security of the Roman nobility. Read the best (mostly modern) non-fiction works on the life, death, military and political career of Julius Caesar.

Caesar's Gallic Wars

Julius Caesar wrote commentaries on the wars he fought in Gaul between 58 and 52 B.C., in seven books, one for each year. This series of annual war commentaries is referred to by various names but is commonly called De bello Gallico in Latin, or The Gallic Wars in English. There is also an eighth book.

Julius Caesar Quotes

Read English versions of famous Julius Caesar quotes from Caesar's Gallic Wars and the bios of Caesar by Plutarch and Suetonius.

Read a public domain translation of Suetonius' gossipy biography of the first of the 12 Caesars. There's also a public domain translation of Plutarch's biography of Julius Caesar.